The Government of Maharashtra through'State of Maharashtra's Agribusiness and Rural Transformation (SMART)project' has formed the following Committees for project preparation and coordination.

Project Coordination Committee

  • The Project Coordination Committee (PCC) is comprised of the Project Director- PoCRA, Commissioner- Agriculture, Project Director-MACP, Director Marketing, and Chief Executive Officer-VSTF. The Project Coordination Committee is chaired by the Hon. Project Director, Project on Climate Resilient Agriculture in Maharashtra (PoCRA).
  • The Project Coordination Committee (PCC) will provide strategic input to the project Preparation Team and preparation of Project Implementation Plan (PIP) and design on the interventions required to transform the villages. It will also monitor overall progress of the Project preparation.

Project Preparation Committee

  • The Project Preparation Committee(PPC) comprises the Project Director- PoCRA, Project Director- MACP, Managing Director, Nodal Officers-MACP, Nodal Officer-Animal Husbandry Department, Mission Managers- VSTF, and Mission Managers-MSRLM. The PPC is chaired by the Hon. Project Director-PoCRA.
  • PPC is responsible for daily operations of the Foundation, and report to the Project Coordination Committee.